Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What a relief. All is well

My little one, Baby Chomp, had a CT scan. It was terrible.  I spent all morning cuddling my precious baby boy. I let him have fruit baby food instead of veggies for breakfast.  I dressed him up in his fancy tuxedo shirt.  That shirt is hilarious.  It makes me smile and I needed to smile.  I know babies can sense when their parents are stressed. 

I met my husband at the hospital.  We headed into radiology.  Chomp was smiling and flirting with everyone who came near him.  We checked in and barely got his little winter bear suit off of him before we were called in to the waiting room.  Chomp and Daddy had a very serious discussion as you can see here –

A tech came to get us and we headed into the CT room.  It is very different from what I remember as a kid.  My mom had MS and would have to get CT scans all the time.  Back in those days, it was a huge, dark, loud, metal tube.  She was claustrophobic, as am I, and hated getting them.  This one was a giant ring and a bed.  Pretty nifty.

The techs said one of us should get up on the bed with Chomp.  Dad volunteered right away.  I was nervous because my husband has such a soft spot for the kids.  He can’t go to the vaccine appointments because he can’t stand the thought, much less the sight, of someone stabbing his child.  How was he going to handle trying to subdue Chomp? 

Baby was totally fine at first.  He laid there watching everyone and smiling.  He was still and in good spirits.  Until they decided to strap his head to the table.  That was it.  He freaked out and started screaming and thrashing around.  One tech tried to hold him still as well as my husband who was getting upset.  After a couple of failed attempts, they asked me to step in and help.  So there we were, three adults holding a little baby still.  Ugh, it was awful.  Chomp is freakishly strong.

They got the scan and released us.  Chomp whimpered the whole walk to the van.  My husband was very upset.  He barely said a word.  He hugged and kissed us and left for work. He told me later he couldn’t go right back to work.  He drove around a bit and cleared his head.  We were going to get the results by the middle of the following week.  That left a lot of time to think.

I went about my day as usual.  I didn’t think about anything at all.  Chomp slept a little more than usual.  We enjoyed our daily ride to brother’s elementary school to pick him up.  Zill chattered about his day in kindergarten and Chomp listened intently.  I did some chores when we got home, let Zill have a snack and settled in to nurse Chomp until Daddy got home.
A little after 5pm, my phone started ringing.  It was the doctor’s office.  I called them back and spoke to the burse on call.  She said she had great news!  Everything looked good!  There was no need for concern.  I was so ridiculously happy.  I called my husband immediately, even though he was already on his way home. 

I was so relieved and overwhelmed.  I finally just let all the emotions from the week out.  I couldn’t believe that just hours before, we were looking at possible surgery and who knows what else.