Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pregnancy and irritability

I'm 34 weeks pregnant and extremely irritable.  I am unmotivated.  I am impatient.  I am miserable.  I've had a pretty difficult pregnancy this time around.  I figured having done this 3 times already, it wouldn't be a big deal. 

Every pregnancy horror there is, I've got it.  Heartburn, insomnia, gestational diabetes, low lying placenta, bleeding, inflamed pelvic cartilage are just a few treats.  I am absolutely miserable.  I don't want to do anything.  I want to sleep until this little guy is here. 

I can't sit for very long which makes work super fun.  I have a desk job and I sit for about 8 hours straight.  I have to eat every few hours or else I pass out.  I forget quite frequently.  I'm used to eating one big meal a day and then about one or two small meals the rest of the day.  I can't do that now.  I have to eat ALL THE TIME and I hate it.

Just 6 more weeks.  I tell myself it's only 6 more weeks.  I made it this far, I can do 6 more weeks.  Then I can start to feel human again.  I can't wait

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