Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CorpGoth Status Report - Cube Decor

I am an IT professional at a global corporation.  I have been working 3rd shift for the past year.  The work I do requires little to no distractions, if possible.  It has its ups and downs, mostly ups.  The best thing about it, I am the only person in the building.  I only see the other techs as they leave or come in.  I haven't seen my boss in months.  In fact, he called me the other night and said "Hello.  It's (name withheld), your boss" as if I forgot who he was. LOL

I share a huge open cubicle with my team mates.  It is now L- shaped and I have the curved part.  I feel cut off from the others and I like it.  I try not to go overboard with my decorations.  I have taken some things down and switched things around in the years I've been here. 

These guys represent my kids.  The walking windup skeletons are my oldest boys.  The pigtailed girl is my stepdaughter and the little squishy zombie duck is my youngest.  I'll have to get another one soon for the new baby but he's not here yet.

I tried to get a pic of the artwork I have hanging up.  The left is a charcoal drawing my oldest made for me.  The flower was done by the 4 year old and the last one is a printout of a voodoo doll.  I have a thing for voodoo dolls, as you can tell from the hanging toys.  One is a wood craft bat, a stuffed bat (who can have too many bats?) and a zombie voodoo doll.

Then I have my obligatory sarcastically inspirational meme magnet on my overheard cabinet.  And a mustache magnet.  Because, why not?

Finally there is my strawberry scented vampire marker with my other pens.  I actually never use this and only bought it to decorate my desk.

I would bring in more things but I get enough slack for being the weird one in the group as it is.  Being the "weird one" in IT is saying a lot.


  1. Oh I love all the little toys! So much fun :) Heh, I know what you mean about being the 'weird one in IT' - I have lots of weird friends in IT too.

  2. I love the idea you have those tiny toys representing your kids! :) That way they can never complain that you had 'uncool photos' of them at the work place.

  3. I love all the toys. SO cute and especially that they represent your kids.