Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bat Fit Update #2

I set a few goals awhile back for Bat Fit to lose weight.  Here is my latest update.

Drink more water  - no problem.  I have a 24 oz cup that I keep full of ice water while I'm at work.  My next goal on this is to make sure I'm drinking more water at home.

Be accountable  - I want to do something more than these updates.  I want to show what I'm eating and before pics.  I never take pics of my body.  I hate seeing myself like this.  But I think it will help.  It will be a constant reminder to stay focused.

Eat at home more  - We rarely eat out anymore.  I think I had a jalapeno cheeseburger from McDonald's because it was new and looked awesome on the commercial.  lol

Exercise and Zumba - I have not been exercising at all.  The kids went back to school last week.  We are down to one vehicle and I have a newborn at home.  I get home from working 3rd to feed the baby and then to get the kids ready for school.  Then, depending on who all we have that day, I have to drop off 3-5 people at 3-5 different places.  All the kids go to different schools.  Then the husband has to get to work.  After getting little sleep caring for the baby, I have to get back out and pick everyone up.  Then there's homework to do, laundry always has to be done, dinner has to be made and dishes cleaned.  Then I have to get ready for work....  I have not been able to find time for me yet.  I will, eventually.  But right now, I just can't exercise at all and it makes me feel really badly about myself.

MyFitnessPal app  - I have been tracking.  I have been staying under the calories allotted but I 'm not losing weight as much now.  What I really like about the app is the "Complete Entry" feature.  When I complete the day, I get a cool message telling me how much I would weigh in 5 weeks if I have the same kind of day from then on.

Me at work being fangy

I have a 43 inch waist and I weigh181 lbs at the moment.  I've lost 10 lbs since I started but I think that's from breastfeeding.  I wear XL or size 16.  I'm finally starting to fit into nonmaternity clothes.  That has really jump started my confidence.  It's a start.  I have a whole closet full of gorgeous size 6-9 clothing that I will never throw out.  I WILL fit into them again.

I just don't want to get lazy.  I want to get moving!  Ay ideas on how to sneak exercise into a very busy schedule?


  1. Wow it sounds like you really have your hands full! I don't know how you have the energy for all that running around with a newborn baby too! Well done and keep it up :)

  2. Holy cow! That is a lot! Don't feel bad for not finding time to exercise. I think at this point, you don't want to overdo it. I too have a hard time finding time to exercise but I do have an hour lunch. Sometimes just going for a walk is very helpful.